Italian leather company

In 1946, Marino Donati - the father of the current president - established Conceria Ausonia following a familiar tradition. Over the years, the Italian leather company has become one of the most chosen international suppliers, thanks to know-how, research and innovation. At the beginning the firm manufactured mainly sole and Vacchetta leathers. Those were the post-war years and the leather production processes were manual with long soaks in tanks both during the preparation and the tanning phases. At those times, a good product was obtained after six to eight months. Over the years, new machinery and new and more accurate tanning solutions were introduced. Every manufacturing improvement helped us to streamline our production process and, today, we are able to make a good product in four-six weeks. The more our turnover grows the higher our plant capacity increases, hence we are expanding our production area fitting it out with more and more advanced technological equipment. Today, Conceria Ausonia is able to produce up to 70,000 m2 of skin per month in its production area of more than 18,000 m2.

A leather company between tradition and innovation

Conceria Ausonia has become internationally renowned as leather company thanks to its production of vegetable-tanned leathers. In line with the demand of the market evolution, the tannery has also started a chrome tanning production after several years of thorough research to ensure a manufacturing consistent with the expectation of its market position as to its qualitative rank and to its highest environment preservation standards. This new production method was a success since its starting. Passion and innovation are always living together in Conceria Ausonia and, in 2016, the new Eco-Green collection was presented: a range of totally eco-friendly and scented leathers.

Our contribution to the leather history

  • 1946

    Marino Donati established its tannery and created his Tre Torri brand in Santa Croce sull'Arno.

    Marino Donati
  • 1964

    Conceria Donati Marino changed his company name into Conceria Ausonia and his son, Aldo Donati, took the leading role of the company.

    Aldo Donati
  • 1990

    Ausonia became internationally recognized.

  • 1994

    Enlargement of the tannery by opening a second plant with 3,500 m² production area still working to-date.

  • 2007

    Ausonia transferred its activities in a plant built according to a specifically-dedicated project and fitted with all the cutting-edge technologies on a production area of 15,000 m².

  • 2014

    In addition to the traditional vegetable tanning process, the new chrome-tanning method was introduced.

  • 2016

    The new Eco-Green collection consisting of innovative scented leathers was introduced.


Italian well-made

The typical Italian story of Conceria Ausonia becomes part of the history of the leather products at world level. During 70s, the Carioca model was one of the best-seller among the manufacturers of bags and belts. During 80s, the Master model inspired fashion in the production of lined and unlined belts. During 90s, the Sierra model became the basic article among the most important international brands manufacturing bags, suitcases, wallets, and belts. Later, the Cross model used for manufacturing belts, bags, suitcases, and wallets, became the ambassador of the Ausonia commitment towards a more and more eco-friendly leather manufacturing. And much more we could tell of the great success of Temporale Lux in the U.S.A. as well as of Olimpo! All these very popular items are still registered and ordered.

International vocation

Thanks to the quality of its tanning production, its top service level, and its well-recognized customer satisfaction, Conceria Ausonia is chosen as a partner by many companies. In Italy first, but even more abroad over the years. Thanks to our regular presence in the main international fairs and to our very solid and always wider network, our products are without boundaries. Being always attentive to the development and the logic of a global manufacturing market, for many years Conceria Ausonia has worked with many foreign countries: Europe, USA, Australia and Southeast Asia.